Bulan: a background check

Bulan Sorsogon
a municipality of success

Bulan is a 1st class municipality in Sorsogon Province, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population 91,730 inhabitants.


The Municipality of Bulan is strategically located at the southwestern most tip of the island of Luzon and is a premier town in the Province of Sorsogon. It has an area of exactly 20,094 hectares and is the terminal and burgeoning center of trade and commerce of its neighboring towns. It comprises fifty-five (55) barangays and eight (8) zones and is populated by people of diversified origin. This municipality is bounded on the North by the Municipality of Magallanes, on the East by the municipalities of Juban and Irosin, on the South by the Municipality of Matnog and on the West by Ticao Pass. It has a distance of 667 kilometers from Manila, 63 kilometers from the province's capital- Sorsogon City, 20 kilometers from the town of Irosin, Sorsogon and 30 Kilometers from the town of Matnog.


Residents of the Bulan is now looking forward on its cityhood because of its rapid-economic growth considering the fact that it is sited as the richest municipality in the province and 5th among the 1st class municipalities in Bicol Region with an average annual income of Php 58.8M. If it happens, Bulan will be the second city in the province and will be the 9th in the region.
Major export of this town are from its coastal waters, agricultural lands produce rice, copra, abaca fiber.
Most of the revenues come from the fishing port of Bulan and businesses.
There is one commercial bank in bulan, the Allied Bank(with 2 ATMs), and a rural bank Rural Bank of San Jacinto, Masbate.
There are also lending institutions like Intertrade, GSAC, and PALFSI that are very popular to SMEs.